Verdicts & Settlements

  1. Taylor v. Unifirst Corporation

    Proceeds from a $2.6 million settlement negotiated by Mr. Chapko were distributed in December 2011 to a class of drivers who were denied meal and rest periods and issued improper check stubs.

  2. 4 Female Plaintiffs v. Doe Defendant

    In June 2011, a Bankruptcy judge awarded four women, who alleged they had been sexually harassed by the Debtor’s general manager, $520,000 in the first distribution of the Debtor’s assets. Mr. Chapko filed state court claims on behalf of all four plaintiffs and continued to represent them throughout the bankruptcy process.

  3. 3 Older Plaintiffs v. Doe Corporation

    Mr. Chapko negotiated a $750,000 settlement in June 2011 on behalf of three former clerical workers who were discharged from their jobs (after lengthy careers) in rapid succession. The plaintiffs were the three-oldest employees in their department and maintained they were fired because of their age.

  4. Jane Doe v. Doe Corporation

    Settlement of $800,000 reached in March 2011 on behalf of a female employee who claimed her boss sexually harassed and physically assaulted her in the workplace.

  5. Jane Doe v. Doe Corporation

    In October 2010, Mr. Chapko secured a settlement of $565,000 for a former human resources employee who claim she was forced out of her job after reporting illegal conduct to her superiors.

  6. Multiple Plaintiffs v. Retailer

    In April 2010, Mr. Chapko completed the resolution of a multi-party action involving a group of plaintiffs who alleged they were harassed by a co-worker based on their gender and sexual orientation. The plaintiffs received in excess of $950,000.

  7. Jane Doe v. Doe Corporation

    Mr. Chapko secured a settlement of $750,000 in December 2009 for a female plaintiff who alleged she was harassed at work based on her gender and national origin (Mexican).

  8. Breedlove v. Pacers, Inc.

    In June 2009, an arbitrator awarded a former bartender at an adult entertainment establishment over $500,000 in compensatory and punitive damages and nearly $400,000 in attorneys’ fees as costs after a three-week arbitration. The Plaintiff alleged sexual harassment and retaliation claims.

    Breedlove v. Pacers - Final Award

  9. Multiple Plaintiffs v. Local San Diego Corporation

    A group of plaintiffs, both female and male, alleged their manager sexually harassed female employees and retaliated against those who opposed his harassment, including by firing them. In September 2009, Mr. Chapko was able to obtain a $900,000 settlement for the plaintiffs shortly after filing a lawsuit on their behalf.

  10. 2 Jane Does v. National Corporation

    On the eve of trial in October 2008, Mr. Chapko secured a settlement of $1.75 million for two female employees who were fired shortly after one of them made a formal complaint of sexual harassment against a Company executive and the other supported the complainant’s version of events.

  11. Joanne Limneos v. SAIC

    Female whistleblower awarded $500,000 in Decmeber 2007 after three-week arbitration in downtown San Diego. Established that San Diego's largest private employer had wrongfully terminated the plaintiff.

    The Daily Journal, April 3, 2008

  12. Robb v. Starbucks Corporation.

    After three-week jury trial in San Diego Superior Court in September-October 2006, former male Starbucks employee, who alleged he was sexually harassed by his male boss, was awarded $257,500 in compensatory and punitive damages in addition to his attorneys' fees and costs.

    Jury awards ex-Starbucks worker $250,000 (SD Union-Tribune)